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What to Wear to Your Session!

I get it, choosing an outfit can be hard for ANY day of the week! So you know the pressure is on when it comes to picking out a wardrobe for your upcoming session.

But don't worry - I've prepared this post to take some of the load off!

To really get the outfit-picking-and-deciding journey started, we need to focus on one thing first - what is the vibe for your session! Where are we going for the session? What's the inspiration? Are we imitating a famous movie scene? Answering all these questions are a MUST before diving into the rest of my advice.

Once your eyes are set on the prize, we can use sites like Pinterest (the Holy Grail) to help produce some inspiration and even shop a little! But before you purchase anything or make any final decisions, let's check out my wardrobe rules!

Breakdown of my wardrobe rules:



You already know what I'm going to say, but neutrals, neutrals, neutrals! Even though I will die on the hill that neutrals are the best colors to wear to a session, there's one neutral you have to be careful of - white! White clothing will grab your attention quickly in any image. So, let's check ourselves before we wreck ourselves (or our photos):

  • Is the shirt too tight? We don't need to see everything... you know.

  • Speaking of not seeing everything, let's make sure that shirt isn't see-through! White shirts are typically the easiest to see-through.

  • Any lingering stains or dark marks? Nothing is more obvious than foundation on a white shirt.

But with all that being said - neutral colors are still the easiest choice, but it doesn't have to be the ONLY choice.

Have you ever put on a shirt and someone said, "Dang girl, that's your color!" We love that compliment, but what if I told you that there's actually a science behind it? That's right! To determine if cool colors or warm colors compliment your skin-tone, check out this super awesome article - How to Choose Colors That Flatter Skin Tone.

Once you know your flattering color, let's now study the color wheel!

Colors are broken into two categories - warm and cool. Our warm colors include yellow, orange, red, and pink. Our cool colors are purple, blue, and green! When picking a color to wear, try to stick with colors that are touching each other. For example, blue and green. Don't choose colors that are opposite from each other, such as red and green!

Patterns and Graphics

Don't we all love a good pattern! Although it might be fun to wear day-to-day, let's make sure that your patterns will age well with your photos.

In my opinion, here are a few patterns that will continue to be classics:

  • Flannels,

  • Stripes,

  • Dots

  • Birdseye

  • Floral

And here are some patterns that don't age well:

  • Animal Print

  • Paisley

  • Houndstooth

  • Chevron

Another quick rule is not to mix patterns or have too much patterns! If you want to wear a graphic t-shirt to a session, do it - IF the session's location is inviting to a graphic T, it's not too busy, or it doesn't have conflicting colors!

Layers and Accessories

To spice up your session and add some texture, always plan to layer up! Bring the jacket, cardigan, scarfs, etc. Accessories always make photos better as well. We're talking earrings, necklaces, headbands, bracelets, hats, bandanas, rings, etc.

If your session doesn't include an outfit change, then layering will be your best friend. By taking off your jacket or scarf, you'll look like you're in a totally different outfit (kind of).

Another great thing about accessories is you can practically use them as props too! Throw that jacket over your shoulder, girl! Or, drape your man's coat over your shoulders instead! If you have a necklace, you can play with it to take a few editorial shots. Similar to the photo right here!

Of course layering is much easier in the colder months in comparison to the summer. So for the warmer months, focus more on accessories to add a twist to your wardrobe!

Comfort Over Everything

And I mean over everything! If you can barely walk, you're itchy, it's too tight, you can't sit without busting a button... then it's best to leave those clothes at home. Many photographers, including myself, thrive off of candids and prompts over poses! Expect to bounce around, sit, jump, twirl, and dip! If your clothes are hard to move around in, then you're not going to be yourself. Not being yourself will show up in your photos, so let's avoid that from the start!

ABC - Anything But Clothes

Outside of your wardrobe and accessories, there's a few additional items that you can bring along to your session!

A few example of things you can easily bring with you to your session would include:

  • A blanket

  • Pillows

  • Your cool car

  • coffee mugs/drinks

  • flowers

With these items, just make sure that the colors and patterns jive well with your outfit! If your car is bright orange, maybe don't wear a purple dress, ya feel?

Thank you for reading!

Picking out an outfit can be difficult just to go grocery shopping, let alone for your engagement session or senior photos! Picking out your wardrobe is a stiff mix between science and aesthetics. It can be tricky, but hopefully this post helps you decide what ingredients you plan to add to your outfit cocktail!

If you're one of my clients and you need help picking out your outfit, never hesitate to send me an email/text! I would love to help!

With Love,



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