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Solo Pack One

30 minute session | 60+ images

1-2 outfits | 1 location | $225


Before you book: 

one -

available session dates are Tuesday through Thursday. If you'd like to book a different day of the week, choose "submit a request" under the date/time picker. 

Most weekends are booked and held for weddings. If you'd like to book for a weekend date, there is a 15% up charge. 

two -

You'll notice that 9am and 5pm are the only times available on the time picker. The times listed are meant to represent the period of the day. So treat 9am as the morning, and 5pm as the evening. We will finalize the actual session time during the planning process based on our calendars and time of sunset. 

three -

Your session is not fully booked until after the contract and deposit have been completed. You will receive the contract and invoice after you submit the form below and we chat through more of your session details. 

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