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What to Buy & Wear to Your Next Boudoir Session

I hear ya - boudoir photos can sound scary and overwhelming. But I'll let you in on a little secret, boudoir photos are only as scandAlOUs as you want to make them! You can be almost down to nothing or wearing your partner's oversize button-down. How much skin you show is entirely up to you. The number one goal of a boudoir session is for you to feel comfortable and empowered before you walk out the door!

After you book your boudoir session (or even before... let's be so for real), the next big decision comes - what do I wear? This post will go through some of my favorite boudoir inspiration and where to find the perfect outfit!

for the first-timer

Let's kick this post off by chatting through some inspiration for the girly (or boy) that is stepping outside of their comfort zone for their first boudoir session! I know the idea of being so vulnerable in front of a camera lens sounds extremely scary. However, every person that has left a boudoir session with me has admitted that they had a ton of fun (and that it might have been their favorite session with me yet!).

When starting the session, the best game plan is to start with what you're comfortable in and work your way down if you feel Enticed to! A few great options to wear would include your partner's button down, a big fluffy robe, tights with a long top, a pj set that you can put off the shoulders, or teddy lingerie but bundled up in a comforter.

As I promised, here are some links to kick off the shopping process!

"Partner's" button down top

but make sure to pare the shirt with -


And a cute bralette

Target - Women's Longline Lace Bralette | $18.00, but who doesn't love a good excuse to go to target?

Or Teddy Lingerie

Or ditch the shirt and go big with a tulle robe!

for those that go all out

Say you're feeling confident and are ready to really show up for your next boudoir session, then I have some inspiration for you! Everyone love's the classic boudoir sets, but that's a given. Don't forget to accessorize and bring items that can dress up or down your look! With boudoir minis, you typically only get one outfit, so let's make the most of it!

I'm talking feather scarves, High heels, pearl necklaces, a veil if it's for your wedding gift, tights (of course), glasses, handcuffs, garders, and sheer blind folds. Some of those things you might be able to find in your closet, but here's some links to those that might be harder to score.

Feather Scarves

Sheer Blind Folds

for those that want to do it with a partner

First of all - welcome! A steamy session with your lover is always a yes in my book! Sometimes when you're with your favorite person, a lot of the nerves about the session melt away. But better yet, it's basically a gift for you and for them! It's a win-win!

When choosing what to wear in your partner boudoir session, the options really are endless. Plenty of what I already mentioned in this post definiteily applies to this scenerio as well. With couples, I focus mostly on your connection and not so much the details of what you're wearing. But here are some of my recommendations when choosing an outfit.

  1. Do not let your partner pressure you into something you don't want to do/wear. If you're full of anxiety over what your partner might do or say to you during the session, then this might not be a good fit for y'all. Consent is always key, and that doesn't change when a camera is present.

  2. Don't be too matchy-matchy. Y'all truly do not need to wear a matching set or even the same colors. You also don't need to be showing off the same amount of skin. If your partner is comfy in just about nothing, but you want to wear a button down top, that's more than okay!

3. Props always make things fun and playful! I'm mostly mentioning the handcuffs, feather boas, a comforter, applying lipstick (and smothering them in kisses), an instrument, or even incorporating things that are day to day tasks - such as washing dishes!

More from Ryan + Kins Session boudoir session:


Hopefully this post provided the confidence you needed to book your first (or next) boudoir session!

Luckily, I'm hosting boudoir minis in Huntsville, Alabama on January 14th! There's only a few spots left, so grab a slot quick!

I also want to mention that I never post any photos from my boudoir sessions without the consent of the client! All galleries are password protected and are not visable to other's.




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