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Get to know me!

as a photographer, my photographs express the emotion, giggles, and personality of my clients. However, if you've explored my social media or my site, you might have caught a glimmer of my personality. Since you're reading this, you might want to book me for either a future photo session or even your wedding. I totally understand that you might want to get me know me better... so, let's get to it!!

Nice to meet ya! I'm Kaleigh

I'm originally from Indiana, but moved down south after graduating from purdue University with a construction engineering degree back in 2018. I was brought to Huntsville, al by a construction company to focus on post-install quality procedures by using cutting edge technology. nerdy, I know...

But, let's flash back a bit more. Growing up, I was the solo girl out of my brother and boy cousins. Most weekends and summer were spent playing with legos, building sand castles, and playing video games. the perfect recipe for a future career in engineering.

Every other weekend in the summer, my brother and I packed our bags to spend time with our grandma and cousins at a trailer off the Ohio river. amidst tubing, skipping rocks, riding golf carts, and building fires; my grandma was taking part in all the fun with a disposable camera in hand. One thing about about me when I was younger Is that I was a chubby, insecure girl. Trying to be free in the summer heat was sometimes impossible knowing that a 35mm lens was pointed in my direction. Being so young and naive, I had no idea what those photos would mean to me someday. When you're young, the summers feel like they last forever and your parents can never die.

[Grandma at Xavier and I's elopement]

After my last summer internship in Atlanta, I stopped back home on the way to move into my college apartment for the last time. When I saw my dad, something didn't feel right. I remember not being able to put my finger on it, and I also remember crying during that final hour and half drive back to purdue. Once I was moved in, a couple of college friends and I caught a flight from Chicago to Alaska to finish off the last two weeks of summer. While hiking in the mountains, I received that text that would change my life forever. The doctors found a lump on my dad's lung.

As I mentioned before, I avoided at all costs to have my photo taken. I would always grunt and complain whenever my grandma told my cousins, brother, and I to get in a line and smile - excited for it be over with. My family was never one for professional photos, and I definitely didn't mind... until now. Now that my dad has passed, I look back on a small handful of photos with him and I both in them. Only those big moments; My senior nights in high school, when I went to prom, when I graduated college, etc. I had very few of the random moments. The fun, goofy, candid moments, specifically.

But there was one thing about my dad, the camera loved him. I luckily have plenty of photos of just him.


In 2020, covid put us all on house arrest. At the time, I was working on a job site for Facebook. While on that project, I became really close friends with a girl named Elisa. Elisa was in many ways what I was not. She was confident, extremely passionate, and fire-y. The world was never off-limits to what that girl had her heart set on.

During that year, Elisa realized that spending hours a day studying concrete specs and procedures wasn't the career for her. She wanted something bigger. Although it wasn't my cup of tea, she joined an mlm. With that, she wanted to elevate her instagram presence. She knew I had a hobby nikon camera body with a kit lens. She asked if I was willing to drive around town with her on the weekends to take photos. As her biggest fan and eagerer to find a new hobby, I jumped at the idea.

By the end of 2020, she encouraged me to turn photography into a side business for extra income. FOR CHRISTMAS THAT YEAR, I BOUGHT MY FIRST PROFESSIONAL CAMERA BODY.

By early 2021, I had my first paying client (another co-worker from the construction company). My career really took a turn in fall 2021.

Spring 2022, I reached a crossroads.

For anyone that has worked in the construction field, you know - it takes over your life. I worked close to 12 hours a day. When I got home around 6pm, I would shower, eat, and open my laptop. Evenings were full of editing photos from the sessions that I filled my weekends with. By March 2022, I was burning the candle at both ends. Life was no longer sustainable. So what do I do? Quit my engineering career that I spent hours in the library, laboring over lab projects, and interning all my summers for. Or, do I take the leap?

I took the leap.

After I turned in my notice, I accepted a part-time graphic design job at a church to make ends meet. 9 months later, I turned in my notice to my part time job as well. December 2022, I was a self-employed creative. I couldn't believe it, and my family definitely couldn't believe it either. But want to know who I'm sure did? My dad.

I never grew up with the mindset or goal that I would be a photographer or a creative in general. I had my eyes set on an engineering career that would bring me financial security and a 5-year plan. Being a photographer was never on my bingo card. However, I believe my dad put a camera in my hands from heaven. He knew I had a personality that would perfectly blend with taking photos of people as their most genuine self. My sessions are designed to not only make my clients feel comfortable in front of the camera, but to also grab their authentic laughs, biggest smiles, tightest hugs, and full hearts.



A few fun facts about me:

  1. My thumbs are double jointed

  2. I have a goal of becoming an interior designer in my early 30s

  3. my husband and I met on hinge and eloped in Yosemite np

  4. We have a great pyrenees and poodle mix along with two cats

  5. I have only used the restroom on a plane once

  6. lemon lavender short bread cookies from moon bake shop are my favorite

  7. I've waited tables for a restaurant in Alaska

  8. turbo coffee is my go-to coffee shop

  9. I used to be a competitive cheerleader and swimmer

  10. I'm currently training for a 70.3 ironman for fall 2024 (wish me luck)

  11. I have an espresso machine with all the syrup flavors, but I still prefer an iced coffee from Dunkin.

  12. I love to make gourmet ice cubes (tiktok made me do it)

  13. I've killed every plant I've ever owned

  14. Fall/spooky season is my favorite, which Is why I have a ghost tattooed in the center of my forearm.

If you've stuck along this long, you're either a quick reader or super interested in me for some reason. Either way, thank you :-)

If you have social media, feel free to follow my photography journey! I'd love to have you.


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