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Best Engagement Photo Locations Just Outside of Huntsville, Alabama!

If you're here, you might have read my previous blog post - Best Engagement Photo Locations in Huntsville, Alabama! If you're from the HSV area, you should definitely check out that blog post first and then come back here to check out additional locations within a 1-2 hour drive from the city!

Huntsville has my heart, but there are so many amazing locations outside of Huntsville that are perfect for your engagement session! So, make the fun roadtrip playlist and grab the snacks, we're going on a trip!

So let's get into it!

Here's a quick table of contents if you want to jump around:


Weathington Park - Section, Alabama

To start the list off HOT, Weathington Park! This breathtaking lookout is about an hour drive outside of Huntsville on the way to Chattanooga. In my opinion, this is the closest, best overlook location outside of Huntsville. The lookout is a quick sidewalk stroll from the parking area. There's also public restrooms located right near the parking lot! Between the sidewalks and the restrooms, this location is perfect for a location change!

Keep in mind that this a trendy spot for photographers in the area. So, be prepared to shoot around photographers and share the area! There are several prime lookout locations along the cliff-top, so there should be plenty of space to grab some magic! The only con is that there really isn't much else to the location besides the lookout. So to spice up your session, definitely bring an outfit change and maybe some props!

Honeycomb Natural Bridge - Grant, Alabama

It's exactly how it sounds, a natural bridge! Mother nature really pops off when it comes to this location in the fall! The bridge backdrop with the tiny little waterfall that flows under is definitely a site to see (and capture)! Honeycomb Natural Bridge is located right off 431 on the way to Guntersville!

This location is a pull-off of a backroad with tree branches stretching overtop! So after grabbing a few photos with the bridge in the background, be sure to head near the road to grab a few open road photos. If you're worried about being on a road with potential traffic, don't! You can easily stand and photograph on the gravel parking lot edge without ever stepping foot on the asphalt!

The Shoppe - Birmingham, Alabama

Who doesn't love a greenhouse session?? The Shoppe is a sweet plant shop located in Birmingham, Alabama! The greenhouse is made of dark green metal and brick! The building itself is black/dark green, which brings on all the moody vibes! The greenhouse and main building is surrounded by flourishing plants that are available for purchase. So after your session, consider taking home a new plant bff!

The last time I shot at this location, it was free and totally welcoming to photographers! However, it wouldn't hurt to reach out to them prior to shooting at this location.

Parking Garage at the Corner of 4th and 22nd - Birmingham, Alabama

At the corner of 22nd and 4th in BHAM is the DREAMIEST Parking Garage Rooftop! No matter which direction you look, the views are absolutely stunning. It really gives all the urban magical vibes, especially at golden hour!

Since this location is in the city, there are several additional photo locations to head to before or after! For the specific session that's photographed above, we shot at the parking garage and at the botanical gardens. Therefore, this spot is perfect if you need an additional location for a session.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens - Birmingham, Alabama

Just as I mentioned on the last location, another gem in Birmingham is the Botanical Gardens! The best part about this location, it's free for visitors and photographers! The only thing they ask is that you don't use tripods of any kind - including for lighting.

The gardens include a greenhouse (closed on Mondays), a rose garden, Japanese garden, water features, and so much more! This location is a heavy hitter - you could spend hours shooting here and not be able to pick a favorite location by the end of the session!

Machine Falls - Tullahoma, Tennessee

These falls are located right outside of Lynchburg, Tennessee - The Home of Jack Daniels! But I will say, this location is definitely for the sober! Be prepared to take on a pretty steep climb down to the falls. It's do-able, but I wouldn't recommend right after rainfall. And of course, make sure you/your clients are wearing hiking boots to get from A to B!

The trail to get from the parking lot to the top of the Machine Falls is an easy one. If you check out the trail map, you'll notice that there are several falls in the area! So, I highly recommend exploring and finding the one that fits your needs. There's also a cute wooden bridge that makes for awesome photos as well!

The Parthenon - Nashville, Tennessee

The Parthenon is giving Rome but in Nashville, Tennessee! Nashville has an abundance of photogenic locations. However, the neutral girly in me loves this location the most!

The Parthenon is located in Centennial Park, which provides crazy statues, ponds, gardens, and more! The Parthenon, to me, encourages a formal outfit. So, if you/your clients also want to be photographed in a more relaxed fit, there's plenty of photo options in the area!


Thank you for checking out my blog post!

If you recently got engaged and are in the market for a photographer to document your big day, I would love to be considered! You can check out my wedding page here.

With Love,


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